Friday, July 3, 2009

the motherboard

Excuse the long hiatus - the poor old computer's motherboard is on the fritz! Since I can't figure out how to post from the blackberry, imagine this: Anna and Paul this morning on their way to Anna's first swimming lesson. They walked off down the street, Anna on her daddy's shoulders, the little pink straps of her teeny tiny swimsuit crossing over her teeny tiny shoulderblades. More when the motherboard is back in action. . .


  1. i can through watery eyes like anna when she discovers she can keep hers open, looking through clear blue water, yea it's chlorinated and stings a bit but she'll get use to it and enjoy what she can see, like a fish she might imagine ,like the trip to the aquarium with grandma and grandpa, only she's wet too.i help take care of the city pool in kenyon and i watch all the kids having fun. i hope she likes it. love you all dad oh i am watching this wonderful program about the brooklyn bridge. incredible

  2. What an achingly sweet image of the little babe and her dad on their way to a great adventure! Good luck with the motherboard!