Thursday, January 12, 2012


Thanks to Paul, it's found. Along the back side of the top shelf, in the last unexplored box - the missing tape, Christmas in Ohio 1976! The sound quality is horrible and though I've listened to it a few times through, there is no Froggy Went A-Courting in Grandpa Bob's voice. Did I imagine it? Or just remember it? In fact, I can't pull the thread of his one voice out of the jumble anywhere, except maybe when someone says, "Hey, kid, I like that new sweater!" It might be him. Or it might be my dad, or an uncle. Mostly though listening to this tape is like being a kid falling asleep under the dinner table while the adults sit up late and shoot the shit and laugh. I'll take that. And then, towards the end, this little nugget (can't figure out how to upload straight audio,so excuse my quick first attempt with iMovie):
I guess Christmas '76 I'd have been just over 2.5. Whoo-eee. Our girl is older now than I was then. All I can think is, oh long and lovely, lucky life.

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  1. zoe, julie and i got this while in our room at the grand hyatt sandieago. california vibe or what, i sobbed when i listened to this. that was your grand dad, that singular comment, although i couldn't clear the rest either. it can be cleaned.hopefully we gan get more stuff to you in february.its getting colder here, so bring some warm clothes. and thanks dad