Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Peak Lilac Season at the BBG

I'm such a sucker for lilacs. I mean, really, today, it was enough to make my head explode. We had a sniff buffet and got lilac drunk and had to lay down.
And then there's this vale of bluebells. They look much lovelier than this picture. It kind of hurts to look at them, all gathered around the dark tree trunks.
But mostly we were here, in one of the only Brooklyn patches of long grass a city kid can roll in. And make deer nests.
And stalk things.
And run and run.


  1. Springtime in NY. I wish I could see those bluebells first hand. And you too! -miss you guys! G'ma Julie

  2. And if you have had some great warm humid days, take a long stick to turn over leaves and a bag to put the morels that can be found around dead and fallen apple trees or elm ruins. nothing better rolled in flour and fried in butter. hillbilly mark

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